Where the fok were you? First post

As for today 10 dec 2010 I have no news of where/when will be the nexts alleycats, i have heard that it will be a race in dec, but no details till today.

November were full of highlights, not in Wien thought but worth of mentioning here and if you didnt know, it is because this blog was born just yesterday and you may have a lot of excuses plus two clicks away of the velosophie review of last events of bicycles things happening in this city, first of all : in case you are bicycle aficionado, google is a very easy to use site to find things online (but without this blog you were lost right?no excuses now!) so if we did not post things happening here in Vienna or did not know nothing about it, it is because you have keep your mouth close and didnt email/tell us. So send your alleycat info & flyer or whatever your bicycle event is relate to, and we will posted here.
back to November this is what happened :
The rollapaluza roller-race rigs were in Austria for the first time in fuchl as 1st Battle Crank.
was cool and since those are old news you have to go to velosophie  to read a fantastic report from Alec in the velosophie site.

The Awesome Almost Incredible Amazing Loud crew of HANKY PANKY Hosted the First bicycle film festival in Munich on dec 3 setting on fire the dance floor from the audience to the bar-people .
New record 20.714 Simon Kirchbichler broke Zerzolino 20.845 Best time since BFF 2009
no sleep till radl rambo....was somehow the motto.
more details & pics are coming..

btw no sarcasm or whatsoever, the velosophie site is really cool we encourage to visit everyday by logging into ViennaAlleycats.blogspot.com go to links section and clinch on 'Velosophie´.

Keep the Spirit Thats all