Global Gutz 11.6.2011 Update # 3

Global Gutz is closing in!
   Just a few things I wanted to mention before we get the race  
going! The race time is
24.00 GMT, which means that the cities west from that will race on  
saturday and the
rest on sunday morning. But it's nevertheless at the same time at any  
given place, unless you're traveling with the speed that light is  
moving, parallel to the equator. If you would like to follow the race  
courses on the way, you'd have to go of course that much faster. I'd  
also like to point out that you'd be better off going around the  
world closer to one of the poles, as you could maintain a more  
relaxed pace that way. However, in Global Gutz we have the  
opportunity to do this from the comfort of our own peloton - in our  
minds! (no matter how scientifically incorrect this fantasy is...)
The other thing I wanted to ask is that if possible, please take a  
group photo of your racers before or after the race! I'd like to try  
to compile a massive global group photo us and hopefully show it at  
the CMWC in Warszawa.
I'm going to try to get the results on-line by the evening of the  
next day, so please send them as quickly as possible after the race.
And don't forget to think about you're brothers and sisters racing at  
the same time in a gamut of different conditions!
Have a good one,
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PD: I have no idea who/where will start The Global Gutz in Vienna