Vienna`s hot again for Bikesmut

One old know erotic fantasy everyone have
(from all kind of media allready suggested) is "doing it" in a kitchen right? Well, since i dont like mixing food with "fantasy" or "doing it" (i like eating it right away when serve,why bothering imagining?) more than grabbing a bottle of olive oil to lube rush-hour situations is enough for me. but for the unsatisfy Vienna bike scene the bikesmut crew are updating the fantasy for not just in a kitchen but in a bikekitchen this time with a erotic bicycle film screening. This is the Second visit for them here in Vienna, and if you did not cum last time they "did it",this is your chance to lube your bike (olive oil work too) and come to the Vienna Bikekitchen to see it for yourself, may you cum early and meet the crew who is always around before everything start (as they were last time in schikaneder) its worth too. they are really nice people to drink a beer and hang around and chat, it is non other than sharing perspectives from one bike comunity to other. I will recomended for everybody whatever is homo lesbo but specialy straigh-in-the-closet people to maybe open the eyes a little bit, censure is something to take very seriously, and people that are always very seriously lost the sense of humor very easily and thats sad. so chill out, seat and enjoy or lube & respect . PS: Big Thank you for the bikesmut guys for been in town one more, you really satisfied and inspire me with your bikeporn KEEP GOING !!!